Seeking Fresh Snow – May 16, 2002

Amazed by the renewed sense of wonder that I feel since starting this weblog. It may not be like walking on fresh snow, but at least the snow isn’t all yellow and dirty like it is in the mainstream Internet. I’m rediscovering the reasons why I once thought the Internet was the most incredible thing I’d ever seen — the real sense of community, the idea of people sharing their thoughts and collaborating with no financial incentive to do so, the raw honesty, and the opportunity to learn something new every time I followed a link.

I really missed that. In the middle of the recession, I’ve found it hard to keep moving forward and learning new things. I think it’s easy to get caught up in wanting other people to change your life for the better, to give you what you think you deserve. It’s simple to feel entitled. What’s hard is to get off your ass and work toward a goal on your own.

So if no one is going to hand me fulfillment on a silver platter, fine; I’ll create my own silver platter. I may not know much about silversmithing, but if it were impossible, no one would know how to do it, and there would be no silver platters in this world. And there would be a lot of unhappy people. Or maybe they would never know they were supposed to be distressed by the absence of silver platters, because such platters never would have existed. Then they might be happy. But not very complex and probably not very interesting people to know. Those who have had and then lost silver platters are much better conversationalists.

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