Father’s Day – June 20, 2002

I have the hiccups. Once I get them, they return periodically throughout the day until I fall asleep for the night. Fortunately, the hiccups waited to strike until I am about to fall asleep. Now, I am holding my breath. They will go away, and I will fall asleep, and they will be gone when I wake up. I wonder how much longer I can hold my breath. How many words per silence I can type before I’m forced to open my mouth and gasp for air. I’m starting to feel it now. I wonder… I wonder… just a little bit of shortage and oh boy I really need to breathe now but swallowing instead and oh. There. That was it.

That wasn’t how I intended that paragraph to turn out.

I hold my breath well. My dad and I used to have contests to see who could sing a single note for the longest amount of time. He usually won, but I put up a pretty good fight.

We used to race each other through our backyard.

We used to go for walks and talk about important things without realizing they were important.

We used to wash the family cars on a hot summer day with a garden hose, a pail of soapy water, a squeegee and a few towels.

We used to play chess.

We used to go out for ice cream or pie.

We used to fight about insignificant things.

Then, we used to fight about significant things.

Now, we are starting to understand each other as adults. It’s pretty cool. This is kind of a late Father’s Day post, but I don’t care.

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