Brain Art (2016-2017)

I create Brain Art using words and poems to capture snapshots of memories, emotions and experiences such as losing a loved one, accepting the true self, and choosing optimism in the face of political turmoil. My goal is to bridge the gap between our individual universes and open the door for greater acceptance of each other.

Coming back to art after a long period of work in the corporate sector has informed my work and the themes I explore. My work has appeared in several group shows on New York’s Lower East Side.


If It’s the Last Day – 2016

Last Day Thumbnail

Realizations – 2016

Realizations Thumbnail

Live Wire – 2016

Live Wire Thumbnail

Optimism – 2016

Optimism 2016 Thumbnail

Corporate Struggle – 2016

Corporate Struggle Thumbnail

Wants of Youth – 2016

Wants of Youth thumbnail

Cancer Brain – 2016

Cancer Brain Thumbnail

May I Be – 2016

May I Be thumbnail

Inside You – 2017

Inside You thumbnail

Subway Dreaming – 2017

Subway Dreaming thumbnail