Short Bio

I’m a technology consultant and trainer, a software developer, a writer and artist. I’ve been an editor, journalist and infosec/risk professional in the past. After seven years immersed in the corporate world, I’ve been rediscovering creativity. It’s a journey with ups and downs, but it’s worth it.

If you’re also on a journey to rediscover your creativity, I’d love to hear from you and share stories.

Long Bio

Basically, this site. I have a 24-hour autobiography here. It ends when I was 26, so it needs an update.

Why Brilliantly Weird?

In art, emphasizing edges and shadows leads to better work than blending them away. It’s true in life as well. This site is my attempt to capture the edges and shadows, and to embrace the contradictions.

I’m a technology consultant who writes poetry, a software developer who creates visual art, an introvert who loves people, and a romantic who loves solitude. I’m a digital nomad who’s a homebody, and a hyper-independent who got tired of living alone and found my way back to other people.

I think All of the Above is often the best answer.

What is posted here?

Blog posts, stories and essays, visual art, poems and songs, and photos may appear here.

Are you afraid of someone seeing this?

Not really. If someone doesn’t want to work with me because of this page, it probably wouldn’t have worked out anyway. I’m a person, not a corporate bot.