4:30 AM – 24 – starting to happen

L.A. is exciting, vibrant, full of possibility. I have written a TV spec, and it is a semifinalist in a contest. I do research — extensive research, with cross-referenced sources and the help of friends — and figure out which agents I want to contact. I keep a database of names and sales. I begin calling them. One in four says, yes, please send your script. So I do. They all like it. And then that question: What else do you have? I have several other things, but nothing great, nothing stupendous, nothing that will make them say Yes! This is the girl we want to sign right now before everyone else is onto her…

So I keep writing, and I have found a job, and I dream of having a few spare days to be an extra in a film or TV show. I would like to do that, have signed up with the company that assigns extras to productions. I will do it someday, but my old photo will have expired, and the new one with the sagging bags under my eyes will be less attractive. I am afraid of getting old.

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